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For the Nike Team Football challenge, we teamed up with The Valley, who was handling their digital strategy and
e-commerce website. The challenge Nike Team Football faced, was convincing French amateur clubs that the gear of Nike Team Football was not only better for their players, it was also priced at the same level as the gear they were using at the moment.  Nike Team Football was working closely with the French Football Federation, after winning the WorldCup twice, together they needed to reach out to the amateur clubs with the right story, message and through the right contact points. 



This meant we needed to reposition Nike Team Football within the minds and hearts of the French amateur clubs as not only being good gear, but also fairly priced. The technology was at the base of this solution when we started to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create highly engaged and personalised customer journeys to tell the Nike Team Football story. This was in close collaboration with the  French Football Federation who, in addition to the Nike storyline, also offered clubs who moved over to Nike Team Football a discount based on the profile of the amateur club
(differentiation was based on did the club have: boys/girls club and/or training academy)

Based on the differentiation, we created different storylines within different journeys in Journey Builder. We also used the clubs data, such as team colours to personalise the emails, Nike Team Football merchandise and more. The benefit of using Salesforce Marketing Cloud was that having these multiple persona clubs, resulted in vast variations of campaigns, which with the help of Email Studio and Journey Builder could all be sent out automatically. 



The results were above all expectations. We sold well above the threshold of Nike Team Football kits and both the French amateur clubs as well as the French Football Federation was happy with the results. 
Together with Nike Team Football, we are now looking at expanding these activities across other Football nations, to sell more Nike Team Football kits to local, amateur clubs. 

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