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Supporting Randstad Group Netherlands on better engagement with candidates and employees

Toolkit: Marketing Cloud (Email Studio, Journey Builder, and Managed Services)


Originally founded in the Netherlands, Randstad is a globally present HR partner and recruitment agency with multiple sub-brands focusing on different sectors and generations of the job market. Due to the complexity and diversity of the different businesses they handle, Randstad was looking for a partner that can understand the dynamics of both the B2B and B2C sectors, has experience in designing engagement campaigns for the HR and recruitment sector, and is able to support with strategic as well as operational projects. They found their match in Penfield Digital.


As part of our Managed Service arrangement, in the last couple of years, Penfield Digital has been providing ongoing strategic and operational support to the different brands of Randstad like Yacht or TempoTeam. Just to highlight a few

  • On the lead management side, we have supported Randstad with optimizing their lead qualification and data management process in and with their CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud. Moreover, we personalized the lead follow up’s resulting in improved candidate experience and higher engagement.

  • To enhance the nurturing process and optimize campaign management, we designed ongoing engagement processes and journeys making use of highly personalized and dynamic content. We have also created multiple automation to get data outside of Marketing Cloud inside the system and use that to personalize the content even more. Through strategically deciding on required data points, we also enabled the business to segment their audiences in new ways and create personas.

  • To create a more personal onboarding experience for new employees, we didn’t only create personal follow-up and onboarding documents but also enabled a feedback loop and an internal follow-up process in case a new employee had some feedback to share or even had a negative experience in their first weeks.


Overall Randstad is very glad about the ongoing support and dedication of Penfield Digital. We have allocated dedicated resources to the company because for them it is critical to ensure long-term project continuity and work with partners who fully understand both their business and the people working inside. We are proud to have been working as the extended Randstad team in the last couple of years. In terms of the campaigns, lots of successes were achieved as well. Due to the highly personalized engagement programs that we launched, both conversation rates and the number of applications have been raising with the latter being the number one of the most important KPIs for Randstad.

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Tim Hubers
Managing Partner
+31 (0) 6 15 88 80 51

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