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Creating engagement among fans and racing brands 

Toolkit: Marketing Cloud (Email Studio, Journey Builder, and Einstein Recommendations)


As a member of the PUMA Group, Stichd is specialized in creating and designing fashion merchandise like bodywear, fanwear, or lifestyle items for the biggest sports brands globally including Formula 1, Formula E, Red Bull Racing, Manchester City Football Club, and many others. 


Together with our CommerceCloud partner, wolfpack, Penfield Digital was tasked with setting up and integrating a multi-cloud solution including Salesforce Commerce, Service, and Marketing cloud. As part of the Marketing Cloud setup, we had to integrate all the different brands that Stichd manages into one account using a structure with different Business Units (BU’s). In order to ensure a flawless customer experience, both transactional and commercial, it was critical to ensure data integrity among the BU’s.

Given that there is no direct connector between Salesforce Commerce and Marketing Cloud, Penfield Digital implemented a custom solution to connect the two systems. Once Service Cloud become available, this was replaced by an out-of-the-box connector between Service and Marketing Cloud.

Penfield Digital also supported Stichd by setting up multiple transactional workflows and notifications in the form of triggered emails for each of their brands.


So far Stichd has been very satisfied with the Managed Service package from Penfield Digital and using the infrastructure that we created based on multiple Business Units, they have been running numerous campaigns since.  

At Stichd, they are always up to something new and exciting, like for example a new merchandise campaign for Ayrton Senna, and we look forward to supporting them with their ambitious and creative ideas in the future.


Rommert Crépin
Commercial Director
+31 (0) 6 10 56 63 69

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