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The cry for digital marketing is stronger than ever. In these harsh times, it seems to be the best way to keep communicating with your customers and prospects. But where to start, can marketing automation help, what is a good email marketing strategy, how to engage with customers, how to create customer journeys?  


Penfield Digital would like to help, by offering Marketing Automation Thursday. One day a week we are going to to try to answer all the questions you might have on marketing automation. We believe that marketing automation is all about connecting brands with customers and vice versa. You can leave your questions every day of the week, but on Thursday we will try to respond to them all. 


Only Salesforce related advice?
No, marketing automation in general, but since we have been working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud the past 7 years, we are kind of an expert on that domain.

This is our way of giving back during times of crisis, because marketing automation connects us all, agencies, customers, partners and clients. 

#bettertogether #takecare

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Thanks, we will answer every Thursday