New customer: Jobbird

Updated: May 27, 2020

Jobsite, which recently restarted with the launch of their international campaign called '100.000 fantastic normal jobs, chooses Salesforce Marketing Cloud as their new marketing automation platform. Penfield Digital will not only be their implementation partner but will also act as a strategical and technical sparring partner.

"Giovanni Mele, Team Manager Online Marketing of YoungCapital says; The communication with our candidates happens more and more online. So, setting up a good candidate journey is essential for us. Penfield Digital has proven before to have mastered the candidate journey when implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud at Young Capital, so it was only naturally that we would choose them yet again for Jobbird.''

‘’Rommert Crépin, Director of Strategy says; especially in times like these we see new and beautiful initiatives rise and the demand for open, direct and transparant communication to become more important than ever. Marketing automation plays an even bigger role now, because it enables you to act across channels faster with smaller teams and smaller budgets. We are looking forward to work together with Jobbird and build some amazing candidate journeys.

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