Datorama Certified Partnership

Penfield Digital ,a leading digital marketing agency and system integrator, announces its new status as a Datorama Certified Implementation Partner. Penfield Digital is one of a select few Salesforce Partners to earn certification as a Datorama Partner, which our team of specialists has achieved after a great effort. Penfield Digital, has been experiencing explosive year-over-year growth, driving success for customers ranging from mid-size corporations to the Fortune 10. As a certified Salesforce Partner, we deliver an array of digital marketing and business process services within the Salesforce ecosystem, a real Salesforce powerhouse.

What is Datorama?

Datorama is a platform that automatically connects marketing tools and unifies reports on investments, performance and results. In this way, it helps you to be more efficient. It is one of the best tools.

Datorama’s main objective is to visualize, analyze and measure the real time impact of advertising campaigns carried out through different channels and achieve success through its cloud marketing platform including the power of artificial intelligence.

This tool has a fairly simple, intuitive and visual interface, so that a unified view is quickly obtained and also allows you to manage it without problems. Datorama is a powerful marketing intelligence engine and we’re already seeing it drive growth for our clients,” says Sander Vermeulen, principal Salesforce Datorama lead at Penfield Digital. “The real-time visualization is key to full measuring marketing performance across all channels and campaigns, paid and organic. The data aggregation this requires is often a challenge for companies and Datorama’s built-in integrations simplify this process immensely for our clients.” If you want to know more on Datorama, contact Sander Vermeulen or +31 (0)6 50 60 7500

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