Tech People Talks: Onur Caglayan

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Did you know, that even though we are a Dutch tech company, based in Amsterdam, we have quite the international character?

That is why we interviewed Onur Caglayan, he has experienced Salesforce tech across the world!

Who are you?

I'm Onur, a software architect who is passionate about Software Design and Programming. I live in Amsterdam and working at Penfield digital as Technical Architect. What is your Salesforce super power? I'm dedicated to the technical sides of the ecosystem. I design and build solutions to extend the functionalities of the products such as Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud. I'm also senior application architect implementing custom applications on the Salesforce Platform (formerly called How did you end up working on the Salesforce platform? When Cloud Computing was boomed in the market, I had been researching Cloud Architect skills to add my career path. There I met with Salesforce. Almost in all presentations (no matter which company) at some point, they mentioned Salesforce (mostly called for Software-as-a-Service CRM). So, basically, other brands made the PR of Salesforce to me (🙂) which is expected for visionary companies. But I really ended up working on the Salesforce platform 100% based on two things: As a software architect, we can delegate most of the non-functional requirements to Salesforce Platform instead of managing the teams that build and maintain them. Therefore the cost and timeline are easier to estimate and my focus is completely on the business needs/requirements.Great developer experience overall because of the community, tools, documentation and so on (the term DX wasn't there, yet 🙂 ) and it's always getting better.

What countries have you worked in? I worked throughout the America Continent from Patagonia to Alaska (alright, exaggerated a bit, it's up to Vancouver), and now I work in the Netherlands. Originally, I always had been a resident in Argentina, officially. But I had the chance to work with the folks from Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, and the USA in person.

Is there any difference in the way of working in those countries? I can guarantee that the difference is huge. For example, you can easily challenge the authority in Argentina and Uruguay. But it won't be that easy in Chile or Bolivia. Americans are all about being straight to the point (in business terms) and the small talk is small. But communicating with your Brazilian colleagues is quite different (and get ready to chat).  To be honest I really enjoy the diversity. I now live in Amsterdam. I'm experiencing this metropolitan. And, the more I learn, the more I realize that there's still so much more to learn...  Finally, it's worth it to experience different countries with different cultural backgrounds. I suggest everyone tries it at least once in their lifetime.

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