Penfield Digital and Bynder Launch Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

We are proud as a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner and one of the two agencies in the

world who have been officially accredited by Salesforce as a Product Development Outsourcer

on the Marketing Cloud Platform, to announce a strategic partnership with Bynder, and the

launch of the new Bynder Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The new Connector allows customers of both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Bynder’s Digital

Asset Management (DAM) platform to centrally add any type of digital assets stored directly into

Marketing Clouds Content Builder. Connecting Bynder to Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables marketers to speed up campaign execution, reduce risks to brand reputation, and eliminate process bottlenecks when creating and delivering content.

Consumer demand for interactive, engaging content – from videos to virtual reality – is at an all-

time high. The majority (93%) of marketers see interactive content as effective, and despite making it a priority, they’re struggling to deliver large volumes of rich media content, across multiple formats, languages, and devices. Penfield Digital’s partnership with Bynder offers customers an easy way to manage their entire digital content supply chain by directly connecting Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Bynder’s DAM system, where all rich media content is in one place, easy to find and managed centrally.

Powerful user permissions, metadata, and searching make finding relevant assets quick and intuitive. With the Bynder Connector, customers can browse, select the correct version, resize, and crop assets from Bynder for use across Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

What’s more, marketers can streamline the full content lifecycle within Bynder, from creation, collaboration, approval, and management, to distribution and analytics. Approved assets from Bynder are readily available in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which helps marketers and Salesforce users meet the ever-increasing demand for content creation, while also helping bring brand-consistent campaigns to market much faster and more efficiently. Bynder is working together with Penfield Digital and the Salesforce product team to get a CMS integration-ready along with connecting to other Salesforce platforms through a Lightning Component in the upcoming year. The marketing cloud integration is part of a phased approach, which shows both Bynder’s and Salesforce’s commitment to work on a long-term partnership focused on reaching customer success together. See how you can build fast, on-brand campaigns with the Bynder Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Schedule a demo with one of our experts so we can show you more.

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