Tech People Talks: Niels Roothooft

We would like to introduce yet another new international team member at Penfield Digitial, also with vast working experience in marketing automation and digital marketing across the globe. Niels Roothooft started in January and was already busy on the job. So it took some time to get an interview with him!

Who are you?

My name is Niels and I am originally from Belgium with a love for traveling. Which is how I ended up here in Amsterdam about two years ago.

On my LinkedIn profile, it says that I am a “Hardworking, studious and likable young professional with a passion for online communication & digital marketing. Always on the lookout for a new challenge in my professional and personal life.”. This is also why, in January 2020, I accepted the role of Solution Architect at Penfield Digital. Basically my profile fits theirs: Passionate, hardworking & supportive. Next to that, I love the diversity of clients and projects they handle within the marketing automation market.

What is your Salesforce superpower?

My superpower is not necessarily a Salesforce Superpower. My power lies in having a well-rounded digital marketing profile with an affinity on technique & support. This comes extremely handy when you are managing projects and the expectations that come with it. It also enables me to own & execute a project from A-Z. I am also eager and open to learning more which works great for me in this cool environment they offer at Penfield Digital.

How did you end up working on the Salesforce platform?

Honestly? By accident. When I was in San Francisco for my PR internship, I saw the name for the very first time. Back then I did not really know what they actually did except that they were one of the biggest CRM solutions in the States. One & half years later I decided to move to Canada thanks to the working holiday visa program and started my year abroad. During this year I had a few different jobs until I finally had the opportunity to work for an amazing company called Traction on Demand as a Marketing Automation Consultant. That was the moment Salesforce came into my life the very first time.

What countries have you worked in?

As I said before, traveling is my life (cliché but true). That is why every move I make professionally I try to do it in a different country. That gave me the opportunity to meet, feel & live these new cultures as the locals do & open up my mind.

Up to this moment, I was lucky enough to live & work in 5 different countries: Belgium, Portugal, United States, Canada & finally the Netherlands. So far my favorite country is definitely Canada with its diversity in scenery, culture & people. There I felt as if anything was possible!

Is there any difference in the way of working in those countries?

Yes, absolutely. And I love it. The reason I started traveling is that I love getting out of my comfort zone. Going to visit different cultures, even next-door neighbors, will teach you so much. It will give you a new perspective on life, a better understanding of how the world works, extreme flexibility.

What I noticed from Canadians is that they tend to be more apologetic in behavior, but still more pragmatic & straight to the point then Belgians. Meaning they have amazing client service/support and they get things done. And of course, you need to make some money when traveling the globe. So this was a sweet combination.

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