The Corona Talks: Roberto Niro

Thankfully we have grown during COVID-19. Last year we hired 4 new members of Penfield Digital. The growth continues in 2021 when in January we hired our first new hire for 2021, and probably more will follow. But COVID-19 also makes it impossible to properly meet our new colleagues, that is why we wanted to introduce The Corona Talks, to give them the proper chance to introduce themselves a bit better. Kicking off 2021, here is Roberto Niro, his name is hard to miss and will probably make you smile a bit. We were told he was not related to the famous movie star because this new rising star in the Salesforce eco-system is going to make his own name at Penfield Digital. We asked Roberto Niro some questions to better get to know him.

What is your life quote?

I’m Winston Wolf. I solve problems. (H. Keitel as “The Wolf” in Pulp Fiction)

Tell us what did you do before coming to Penfield Digital? What was your focus?

In a nutshell: took a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering, started working as a developer, and gradually became an online marketer. My career during the last 10 years has been centered around online strategy, e-commerce, Facebook ADS, and digital marketing. But the focus has always been on growth. Personal, professional, and for the brands and the people I’ve been collaborating with. My last working experience before joining Penfield Digital was managing the online marketing activities for a well-known Dutch techno festival promoter.

Why did you choose Penfield Digital?

My choice of Penfield Digital was both for the type of job they were offering and for the approach they had during the interview: they have been always clear, precise, and showed interest throughout the whole process. I had the feeling that the company spirit was delicious and that has been confirmed once I (virtually) met the rest of the team during the onboarding. Working as a solution architect with some coding skills and years of experience in online marketing seemed to be an ideal mix that could lead me to the next milestone of my career path. I felt from the very beginning a sort of immediate attraction for this new challenge. What is it about Salesforce Marketing Cloud that attracts you?

SFMC is probably the only platform that can concretely make a connected marketing strategy happen. The infinite possibilities of testing, analyzing results, and taking pure data-driven decisions, the ways you can develop ad-hoc components, make SFMC the non-plus-ultra if you wish to unleash the marketing strategist within. What do you expect to learn and what can you learn us?

I will surely share my knowledge, my British humor, and some very good DJ sets. I wish to learn how to master SFMC at high levels, acquire new points of view from the different backgrounds of my new teammates and if there’s a chance get some rust off my coding skills.

Do you want to get to know him personally better? Reach out on LinkedIn or try him at

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