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Developing For AppExchange

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Hello and welcome to our webinar recording on Penfield Digital, PDO organisation, ISV partners, and the Salesforce AppExchange.
In this recording, we cover the ins and outs of PDO (Professional Developer Organization) and how it can benefit your business in the Salesforce Ecosystem. We also delve into the world of ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partnerships and how they can help you reach a wider audience.
But perhaps the most exciting topic we cover is the Salesforce AppExchange. This powerful platform allows you to find and install pre-built applications that can help you automate your business processes and increase efficiency. Whether you’re a developer looking to build and distribute your own apps, or a business owner looking to streamline your operations, the Salesforce AppExchange has something for you.
So why should you download and watch this webinar recording? Not only will you learn about the benefits of PDO, ISV partnerships, and the AppExchange, but you’ll also get practical tips and insights on how to make the most of these resources.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and grow your business. Download and watch our webinar recording today.


Presented by Fabrizio Marras,
Product Owner and Developer at Penfield Digital

Fabrizio Marras is a product owner with years worth of experience as a front end developer, digital designer and 3D motion graphics designer. His interests include designing digital content such as websites, logos, animated 2D and 3D content. 


Aside from working at Penfield Digital, he organises a collective for developer in Amsterdam, whereby they assist each other in challenges and learn new skills related to graphics, VR and AR technology. 

His other skills include HTML, CSS, Javascript, Adobe Creative Cloud Software and 3D software.

Presenters for this webinar will be

Designer Working from Home

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