Image by Brooke Cagle


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Young Capital is a new recruitment agency, focussing on the new generation. It is hard to get a firm grip on that new generation, who is always on the go, fast-moving and looking for easy work and fast money. We had to create campaigns that would stick and convince the new generation to start working for Young Capital. 



For Young Capital we started with the implementation of Marketing Cloud, making it easier to create highly personalised emails and journeys across all channels the new generation is active on. It was both a technology- as well as an operational challenge we had to solve. 

Since it is much harder to find new people within the new generation whom we could engage in becoming part of the Young Capital network, we created campaigns focussing on those who were already into the database. This resulted in the ideal candidate journey, creating touchpoints in journey builder for every step of the way a candidate in the search for his/her ideal job would need to take.  These journeys would then be personalised with all the data and preferences we would have from these candidates to match them to their ideal job position.


Within the first half-year, Young Capital already exceded their expectations. It was such a success that we are now looking at adding another brand within Young Captial called JobBird but also looking at expanding the journeys to the employee side of the story. It is our belief, one should not focus on candidates (new business) but also create long-lasting relationships with their current employees.